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Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

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When it comes to protecting your eyes, sunglasses are essential. From protection against macular degeneration and skin cancer, to reduced risk of cataracts and migraines, they’re not just a fashion statement but a way to keep your eyes healthy and safe from the elements.

If you’re looking for some new shades, wondering which style is right for you or just keen to learn more about sunglasses and eye health, read on. We’ll answer some frequently asked questions around sunglasses, setting you on your way to finding the perfect pair.

The benefits of sunglasses

So, you might be wondering ‘what are the benefits of sunglasses?’ Sunglasses aren’t just a way to stay stylish in the sun! They provide a range of benefits for eye health that start with protection. These include:

Limiting UV exposure

UV rays can be harmful to our eyes in more ways than one! With 10% of skin cancers found near the eyelid, glasses (particularly wrap around frames) can help to reduce glare and protect that delicate area from UV exposure, reducing our risk of cancer.

UV rays can also speed up macular degeneration, a condition where the macula progressively deteriorates over time. Sunglasses can protect against UV, slowing this process down.

Cataracts are another issue, and whilst normal with aging, sunlight exposure can lead to earlier onset and quicker progression. Sunglasses with UV protective lenses will reduce this risk.

Limiting debris exposure

Sunglasses also protect you from dust, sand and other particles. With autumn on the way and windy weather in tow, the perfect pair of sunglasses can keep your eyes protected season-round.

Finding the right sunglasses for you

When it comes to finding the perfect sunglasses, you might have a few questions. ‘What would be the best style of sunglasses for my face?’ or ‘How do I find suitable sunglasses for my face?’. These comes down to a few things:

Situation & Needs

Firstly, you’ll want to consider where you are using them and what for. Do you spend a lot of time outside in an outdoor occupation? Do you have eye health concerns, macular degeneration or cataracts and need to ensure your eyes are well protected? Consider where and why you require sunglasses, and it will be easier to choose the right pair for you.

Style Preferences

Style preference is the next thing to consider. Frames come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. You may already have a style in mind. Maybe you’re not sure at all, and just want to try some on! Come into Visique Eye Spy and we can help you find your next favourite pair of sunglasses. The key thing to remember is everyone is different and will have sunglasses that suit them and their unique face shape best.

Face Shape

This is the next important thing to consider, as different frames are better suited to different face shapes.


An oval face shape means higher, wider cheekbones that narrow towards the forehead. This shape is suited to a wide range of styles, including square, rectangular and tortoise shapes.


Square face shapes are widest along the forehead and jaw. Here, you want to add length, so frames that sit higher on the nose are a great option. You can also consider how to compliment this feature with your frame style, with rounded frames softening the angles of your face and creating a flattering contrast.


For round face shapes, angular frames are perfect. They add depth, definition and again, add an illusion of length to your face that can be flattering!


Heart shaped faces are widest at the forehead, suiting round or oval sunglass shapes. Here, you want to bring attention to the top of your face, considering frames that may be slightly wider than your forehead area. Rimless styles can be a great option and work to soften features even more.


Triangle face shapes are narrower in the forehead area, but with wider jawlines. Wider frames will help to balance this look, by making your forehead appear wider. You may also want to try frames with added detail and colour to bring the attention to the upper area of your face.


Like actual diamonds, diamond face shapes are the least common. Here, your cheeks will be wider, with a narrower jawline and forehead. Oval frames work best for this shape, softening angular features to create a balanced look.

Where to buy good sunglasses

So you know why you need them, you know what shape you may be after, now you’re wondering where is the best place to buy sunglasses? Look no further than Visique Eye Spy. We’re proud to stock an incredible range of designer frames and sunglasses, from brands like Tom Ford, Jaguar, Oakley, Barkers, Morel, Vera Wang, Nike and more!

Whether you’re after a sporty look, designer chic or something pared back and functional, we’ll have something for you.

Type of Lenses

You may have heard of polarised sunglasses before. They have a special filter built into the lenses, which reduces sunlight glare coming off flat surfaces. This becomes useful when you are driving on a rainy day or near the water. Non-polarised lenses don’t have this filter.

We also offer highly advanced lenses from leading brands such as Serengeti. Their lenses adapt to varying degrees of sunlight, adjusting the darkness.

Children’s Sunglasses

Children tend to be very active, playing around outdoors. This makes good sun protection for the eyes even more important. We stock sunglasses specifically designed for the smaller face of children.

Prescription Sunglasses

But what about prescription sunglasses? Most of the sunglass options at Eye Spy can have prescription lenses fitted. Whether you need polarised lenses, tinted or Transition lenses, we can work to your prescription fitting the lenses into your preferred sunglasses frame.

Ready to find the perfect pair for you? Head to our website to browse our sunglasses online, or visit our sunglasses shop to browse the range and chat to one of our friendly team members. We’re proud to stock and provide an extensive range of designer sunglasses, sunglasses for men, womens sunglasses and polarised sunglasses. Whether you have a pair in mind or would just like to learn more about which sunglasses might be right for you, we’d love to help.

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