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Meet Eye Spy's Newest Eye-Care Technology

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Innovation in optometry is vital for improving the accuracy and efficiency of eye care. Over the years, advancements in technology have transformed the field, enabling optometrists to diagnose and treat eye conditions with greater precision. At Eye Spy, incorporating the latest technology means we can offer our patients more accurate prescriptions, better lens designs, and early detection of potential eye issues.

We're thrilled to announce that we’ve introduced two new sought-after technologies, making us the first independent optometry practice in New Zealand's North Island to offer them together. The Essilor AVA VR 800 Refraction System and the Essilor Visioffice Tower 3 (VO3), are two new innovations used by leading optometrists around the world, and will revolutionise the way we treat clients in our practice. Read on to see how they’re helping us elevate our service to the next level.

The Essilor AVA VR 800 Refraction System

AVA stands for ‘Advanced Vision Accuracy’.

The AVA VR 800 offers several key benefits. It provides highly accurate prescriptions. This means you get a prescription that’s tailored to your exact visual needs, resulting in clearer, sharper vision.

The new AVA VR 800 at Eye Spy uses liquid lens technology to show our clients changes in a continuous, smooth way. The system is designed to be quick and comfortable, making the refraction process easier and more efficient for our clients.

It’s also very easy to compare different prescriptions, not only on letter charts but also with immersive images of real-life situations so you can see the difference in the details.

Whether you’re new to glasses or have worn them for years, you’ve probably seen the term ‘spectacle prescription’. Your prescription is part of your eye examination and allows your optometrist to dispense the right lenses to correct your vision.

Vision and spectacle lenses are measured in dioptres (D). Traditional eye tests use a precision of 0.25D, meaning standard prescriptions follow quarter-dioptre steps: 0.25D, 0.50D, 0.75D, 1.00D etc.

Our new Essilor AVA VR 800 offers a more precise eye examination to 0.01D! When an exact refraction is performed, most people can see the difference between a traditional 0.25D refraction and a precise 0.01D refraction.

Precise prescriptions have never been available to clients because refraction and lens surfacing technologies did not enable it … until now! We can now leverage the full potential of the digital surfacing technology used for manufacturing AVA lenses. Experience it for yourself to see the difference

The Visioffice Tower 3 by Essilor

The second piece of exciting new technology to our practice is the Visioffice Tower 3 (VO3) by Essilor. This innovative piece of equipment offers unparalleled precision in measuring and fitting your spectacles. The VO3 uses advanced 3D imaging technology to capture detailed images of your eyes, allowing us to customise lenses that fit perfectly with your unique visual needs and frame style.

The benefits of the VO3 are numerous. It provides incredibly accurate measurements of your eye and face, ensuring your lenses are perfectly aligned to your natural line of sight. This results in lenses that offer superior comfort and optimal visual performance. Whether you need single vision lenses, progressives, or specialty lenses, the VO3 ensures they are crafted to match your specifications.

Using the VO3 at Eye Spy means you get lenses that are not just based on your prescription, but also tailored to how your frames sit on your face and how you naturally look through your lenses. This personalised approach helps improve your visual clarity, and enhance overall comfort. With the VO3, we can provide a level of customisation that’s unmatched in the industry.

So, what do these advanced technologies mean for our clients? Simply put, they translate to a higher standard of eye care. The Essilor AVA VR 800 Refraction System combined with the Visioffice Tower 3, and digitally surfaced AVA lenses, allow the team at Eye Spy to provide more accurate, comfortable and tailored eyewear for you.

By incorporating the latest technology, Eye Spy can offer you a level of service that’s unmatched. We’re proud to be at the forefront of optometry, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality care available. If you need a check-up, eye exam, contact lenses, or simply want to understand whether you’re in need of an appointment, visit us at Eye Spy in Palmerston North, or book an appointment online.

We can’t wait to see you!

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